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Revival Blog 88 B

Some years ago, while on vacation in the UK visiting family, we took a sightseeing tour on the River Thames in London and the Captain comically narrated antidotes as we passed places of interest like the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London etc. As we sailed under the Vauxhall Bridge, the Captain commented that the reason the underside of the bridge was dirty was due to the fact that in the UK, rain only falls down and not up! It reminded me of Joel 2:23: Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.

Recently, I have had cause to visit several churches as a member of the congregation and the ‘worship’ time predominantly mimicked a rock concert coupled with special effects such as strobe lighting and smoke machines. Conversely, I have heard painful singing of precious old hymns with an accompaniment that brought agonizing tears to your eyes!

Having been saved 54 years on May 8 this year, I believe I am qualified to comment on what I see as pitiful efforts by churches and denominations to mimic the world and call it worship. We will never be able to ‘work-up’ the presence of God, but only stir up carnal emotions which fade as soon as the music stops and/or the flashing lights are turned off.

Many believe that the impact of the Coronavirus will drive men and women back to Church. I happen to believe like 9/11 that fear will be short lived and thoughts of eternity will rapidly vaporize. You may think I am a pessimist but I would rather be thought of as a realist. Gimmicks, emotion, good deeds and fear are not the ingredients of true salvation. We need to return to anointed preaching of the Cross, declaring boldly we have a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. That our hope is in Christ who is risen, ascended and glorified and seated at the right hand of the Father, interceding on our behalf.  Preachers should refrain from virtuous carnal speeches and wait upon the Lord for His Word and preach the whole canon of Scripture. You may therefore ask what this has to do with a sightseeing tour on the River Thames? God does not need our help, but our obedience. We need to be truly born again so that we are sensitive to the things of the Spirit and be so close to our Lord and Savior that we can hear His very heartbeat. True worship is what ushers us into His presence.

My friends we need the latter rain of the Spirit in this evil, corrupt age where men are raping 4-year-old little girls with no conscience or remorse. Sadly, the Christian Church in many places has lost its vision and has become a platform for feeding the carnal ego and it is no longer a beacon on a hill, but it has become nothing more than a social club for religious, unsaved folk.

Earlier today (03/19/2020) I watched a YouTube video of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir singing Psalm 34 ( and the Lord dropped this thought into my heart: “Why settle for crumbs when you can have a banquet”. If we want to see a real move of God where thousands upon thousands will get truly born again, we need to stop being satisfied with crumbs and prayerfully seek participation at the banquet of God’s blessings. Its time to get real and to see heaven populated and hell plundered.

I firmly believe God is shaking the heavens and, in my heart, I long to see a move of the Spirit in revival power that will cause true conviction and repentance in the hearts of those who are lost in sin. 19 March, 2020.