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Revival Blog 84

Newspapers and magazines often use the term "Agony Aunt" where readers can write in with a problem and seek advice. On May 12, 2019, my local newspaper featured a headline under the section entitled "Ask Amy" (Agony Aunt) 'Daughter Wants Out of Dad's Church'. This is what a concerned daughter wrote: Dear Amy: My Dad has been a preacher for 48 years, and he has been at his current assignment for more than 20 years. My family and I attend the church he leads, but I no longer want to because of the disrespectful way the members treat my parents and my family. My dad and I have spoken about the issues within the congregation and I've mentioned retirement several times, but he sees me as his child who should always support him by attending his church. I dread services because it's pretty much guaranteed that someone will make a hateful comment to me. Now they have added my young child to be on the receiving end of their wounding words, so I have been standing up for my child by letting people know that they are mean and are not being good Christians.  I informed my Mom that I could not attend there anymore. She understands, but I am not sure my Dad will be as accepting. My Mom, siblings and I are fed up and want our elderly Dad to retire. How can I leave the church and find a new one without hurting my Dad's feelings? After 48 years in the ministry, how can I talk my aging father into retiring from the pulpit?

There are several things that I find disturbing about this article: 1) The Minister's family are being criticized with hurtful comments from the congregation, 2) This family are seeking advice from the world, and 3) What is the testimony of this church to the outside community?

It distresses me that there are many churches today where it's members are political, power-seeking and gossip-houses and we wonder why the unsaved do not want to darken our doors. The churches have pursued money and numbers to provide for their "cathedrals" of sin and there is no real burden for the lost, no change in their lives and they believe they are doing God a favor! I believe the retirement of this daughter's Dad is not the real problem but the visciousness of those who attend her Dad's church. I am reminded of the Scripture in Jn 13:35 "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." I have heard the term used over the last year "Fake News", well, I believe we have an over-abundance of FAKE CHURCHES. Rev 2:9 includes the term "Synagogue of Satan" where the enemy has infiltrated the Church that they are now unable to distingish between the real thing and demonic deception.

Why do I believe in Revival? It is because the blood of Christ washes away every sin, deception and causes true repentance to come into hearts and lives and the cross is re-established as the focal point of all lives. Please pray like you have never prayed before that God will send a mighty Holy Spirit revival across our lands and there will be true repentance in the hearts of those who call themselves Christians. Let God arise, His enemies be scattered.  May 13, 2019.