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Revival Blog #82

A Minister's letter I received many years ago contained an article entitled "Maintaining the Freshness" which was basically encouraging Minister's not to lose their vision, where you just go through the motion’s week after week. As the ministry has apparently become a career selection with a clear promotional ladder in sight for many young people, there is a danger that it is no longer a divine calling but often a demonstration of carnal ego. In my earlier days as an enthusiastic novice Pastor, I was always concerned about success i.e. having the biggest and best church because I was convinced it reflected my ability as a Pastor. Then a wise older Pastor reminded me that while the world measures church success with two metrics i.e. congregation size and size of the offering, God's measure is faithfulness and, in His time, He will bring true success, fruit that will last.

I have therefore been pondering why congregations never seem to grow spiritually even though they come under the preaching of the Word every week. In my quest to be a clear communicator of the Word, I have resorted to visual aids, PowerPoint presentations, humor, bluntness, subtlety, three-point sermons, and numerous other avenues of communication and yet I still conclude they are simply 'dull of hearing'.

I remember the days when I first was saved (50+ years ago) where there was such passion for Christ and Christianity was a lifestyle and not a hobby. Today, the vast majority of churches have a Sunday Morning service and a midweek service which if it happens to be a prayer-meeting, only a handful of the ‘faithful’ will turn up.

I sometimes feel I am trying to solve the unfathomable and when I share my passion for revival, I feel like the congregation(s) are all members of the Fire Service poised with their water-hoses ready to quench the fire. Therefore, while I fully understand the spiritual warfare we are all engaged in expressed in Ephesians 6:12: ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.’  The key word is struggle and therefore we need to continue to be diligent, faithful prayer-warriors who will stop at nothing in intercessory prayer for God to pour out His Spirit in Holy Ghost power upon our lands. Satan’s biggest weapon is discouragement and although we all know the source, when it comes, we often fall victim.

Therefore, in this blog, I sincerely want to encourage everyone not to give way to doubts and fears but to be resolute. Standing in the gap is a privilege and a high calling because prayer is a powerful weapon that destroys strongholds and principalities. Thank you all for standing fast because revival is on the way. (18 Sept, 2018).