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Revival Blog 79

Ever since I was a child, I was never a fan of clowns. I read an article once that said 43% of people dislike clowns, and it has a name – Coulrophobia. In fact, I knew of a Minister who was a former Children’s Evangelist and he would dress up as a clown but behind that smiley face, was someone quite different. It is my perception that they are often sad, lonely, depressed men/women hiding behind the painted faces, red lips, colorful clothing and the floppy shoes. I would like to postulate that this is a major hurdle why we as born-again Christians are reluctant to share the good news of the gospel with those heading for a lost eternity. We look at their faces, their apparent lifestyle, that fake smile and we are taken in because we formulate a mental impression of someone who appears to be successful, got-it-all-together and therefore sharing Christ just somehow feels inappropriate. I still remember the advice I was given regarding preaching when attending Bible College: do not look at their faces!

Intimidation is a tactic of the enemy followed by discouragement with thoughts of humiliation. But, you may recall that the famous comedic actor Robin Williams (worth approximately $100 million) committed suicide and recently the wealthy fashion designer Kate Spade (worth approximately $200 million) and Anthony Bourdain the celebrity chef, author, and television personality (worth approximately $16 million) took their own lives. Behind the smile was a person in a dark place.

Here in America, the front-page news of our local newspaper is “Suicide Rates Up Sharply Since 1999” with an increase of 25.4% for the US and the State of Pennsylvania has a 34.3% increase. The sad thing is that the newspaper article documents with hard evidence that suicide rates are rising in every State.  So again, we must ask ourselves the question with thousands upon thousands of Christian churches supposedly preaching the gospel each week and every Sunday, why are we not impacting our lands for Christ? Why are the suicide rates not dropping? Why is divorce increasing? Why are babies still being murdered in the womb? Why are foreign gods taking over our cities and the sanctity of marriage has been destroyed where we have now coined a new term: gender-neutral! Maybe it is because the Christian Church has neglected prayer. I know from experience that prayer meetings are the least attended activity in almost every church and instead of running on ‘spiritual power’ we are running on ‘fresh-air’ (or maybe it is just ‘hot-air’). We seek personalities and attend endless Bible studies and house groups, often to feed our carnal ego disguised as fellowship, instead of gaining a deep understanding of God’s Word and then putting it into practice that a prayerless church is an ineffective church.

Why did the Apostle Paul write to the Church in Ephesus “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms”. If we want to see a move of God in revival power that will transform our land, our nation, our world for Christ, it first starts with intercessory prayer.

I am aware there has been a significant break in my blogs being posted on the revival rivers website which I sincerely apologize. Therefore, to those who may think I am angry, negative and using this portal as a platform to vent, you are so wrong. I see opioid epidemics, suicides of all ages, violence, same-sex marriages and so the list goes on and something deep in my spirit is broken that God would intervene. That is why I would strongly urge you to use your influence, position, your passion to encourage God’s people to return to the prayer meetings and seek the face of God. Thank you to everyone who shares this conviction and who have been faithful in praying for your home towns that God will once again hear the cry of His people. (14 June, 2018).