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Definition of Revival

Revival Rivers Ministry

There are many diverse definitions for revival. It is my conviction that revival can be expressed as follows:


Revival is a supernatural occurrence where God literally steps down from heaven and instantly and dramatically changes the spiritual dynamics at a given place. This event occurs for a pre-determined period of time in history.

It is not man-orchestrated and is non-denominational and is often associated with unconventional happenings. The focus of a revival is the Cross with an awesome sense of God’s holiness and is evidenced by a deep conviction of sin, where sinners experience true repentance and their salvation is real and lasting.

Revival is not a series of special meetings with guest speakers, but it is an unannounced, unscheduled Holy Spirit intervention. Revival does not place the focus on man, but God. 

 Revival positively impacts the locality where sinful acts and activities are replaced by true righteousness. Darkness and evil are replaced by a reverential fear for God and hate is replaced by agape love.





Revival is always preceded by intercessory prayer.