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Isle of Lewis, Scotland
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Over the years, we have crossed many denominational barriers in ministering internationally at many diverse venues from the traditional church setting to open-air events. With an evangelistic thrust to our preaching, teaching and music ministries, God has equipped us to effectively share the love of Christ to old and young alike. Call us today at (888) 406-7162 for more details on how our ministries can compliment your church program and help you develop an effective calendar of events that will both challenge and encourage your community.
Why Revival Rivers?
In Ezekiel Chapter 37:2 we read that the Lord showed the Prophet Ezekiel a valley of dry bones. In 2008, the Lord showed us a 15-acre, dried up riverbed that is claimed to be a glacier deposit that occurred during the last ice age 350 million years ago. We believe the Christian Church needs spiritual rivers to flow once again in revival power to change many "dry river beds" into refreshing rivers of God's presence. A documented account of the Isle of Lewis revival in Scotland in 1949 records that a parishioner told the local minister, "You have tried everything else, now try God!" When Christians cry out to God in intercessory prayer, God will answer. Therefore our prayer is that in some small way, we may be an influence in encouraging the Christian Church to pray for true revival across this land.
A Dynamic Couple
Pastor Martin is an Ordained Minister from South Wales who has ministered in both Great Britain and the US.  He and his wife Jennifer work as a team and have lived in Pennsylvania for the last 26 years pastoring churches and ministering across many denominations. In 2009, their conviction was to launch an itinerant ministry known as Revival Rivers utilizing their vast experience of preaching, teaching and music. With a love for gospel music, a passion for the lost and conviction to share the Word of God to churches, residential homes, camps, and  other locations, Revival Rivers was born. With more than 45 years of experience in international ministry, their solid faith and dynamic ministry will be a blessing to your fellowship.

The picture below is a 15-acre, dried up riverbed that is claimed to be a glacier deposit that occurred during the last ice age 350 million years ago.

Dried Up Riverbed

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