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Revival Blog 74

Profundity in Simplicity

I recently Googled “Church Ideas” and this is a very small sample of what I found: 52 Ideas for Your Church This Year; A Dozen Ways to Improve Your Church Service; 850 Best Images about Church Ideas and so the lists go on. Why would I do such a thing you may ask? Because data suggests that in the USA there are over 300,000+ Protestant churches, and in the UK there are 50,700+ churches or congregations served by 36,600 Ministers and 5,515,000 members. And yet we continue to read headlines about the UK such as: “Londonistan”: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches.

If God’s Word is truth, eternal, powerful and infallible, why is the Christian Church having minimal impact and losing ground across the world. I would dare to suggest that God has not changed one iota and Luke 1:37 ‘Nothing is Impossible with God’ is as true today as it has ever been, so what is the issue? I think the secret lies in the title of this blog. Profundity in simplicity simply means we need to be a ‘God-Seeking’ people who will simply seek the heart of God with passion for His will for our lives, our churches and our locality and start doing it His Way. Management techniques such as Brainstorming have their place but the real deep answers of the will of God for each of us lies in ‘prayer-storming’.

Having been afforded the opportunity recently to attend some other churches, it was heart-wrenching to witness Ministers who failed to preach the Cross, who gave the congregations a false sense of eternal security by resting on the words of theologians who died back in the 1500’s and following a dead liturgy. My friends, we can only be saved through the shed blood of Christ at Calvary and He is the only way. No theologian, dead prophet, liturgy or Mother Earth philosophy will save anyone, only Christ who became the Lamb without spot and blemish and bore your sins and mine.

I honestly think God is fed up with our church-programs, man-made schemes and initiatives that are more gimmick-based and carnally conceived. What if just on one occasion, we stopped the church-circus and sought the Lord on our knees with contrite hearts and begun to feel what God feels for our land, hear His heartbeat, feel His compassion for souls and learn to stand in the gap? Let’s rid ourselves of ego, worldliness, competitiveness and stop making the church more like the world and allow the church to be more like Christ. I am convinced that God really want to hear our hearts cry and to reveal His strategy to us that will bring a harvest of righteousness and good fruit.

My plea is that souls of all ages are heading for a lost eternity, demonic powers are at war and countless millions, particularly young people, are addicted to opioids and other vices and although Ephesians 6:12 tells us: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places,” the Christian Church fails to grasp spiritual warfare and rarely seeks the Lord for His plan and purpose. Let’s not be like Frank Sinatra – I did it my way, but may we just for once, ask the Lord for His Way. July 17, 2017